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Welcome to Spy Emporium!

Your Web Site for the finest in surveillance, counter-surveillance, personal protection, and security merchandise. Since 1990 Spy Emporium, a division of TABOB Enterprises Group Inc has been dedicated to bringing you an extensive selection of the latest, state-of-the-art, and most reliable equipment available.

TABOB Enterprises Group Inc ( is committed to providing you with excellent service and spy gizmos at the lowest possible prices. Customer service is our number one priority and our product and service knowledge is beyond comparison. If you have any comments or suggestions to make, please call or e-mail us at


 CELL SPY 007 Cellphone Recon Cell Phone Spy Software
Cellphone Recon Cell Phone Spy Software It Actually Works!

The Cellphone Recon software allows you to covertly monitor all of the activities on your cell phone. Log incoming and outgoing calls, incoming/outgoing text messages and emails, and track phone location.

 P9902 iRecovery Stick for iPhone - Data Recovery
iRecovery Stick for iPhone - Data Recovery
$239.99   SALE $199.99

The iRecovery Stick is the first data recovery device for the Apple iPhone. With the iRecovery stick, you can recover text messages, phone call history, internet history, contacts, pictures and graphics, calendar entries, map history, and much more.

 ADT255-DVA AC Plug DVR Spy Cam with On Screen Display & Motion Activation
AC Plug DVR Spy Cam w/ On Screen Display & Motion Activation
with OSD $349.99   w/o OSD $299.99

It may look like a regular everyday AC adapter plugged into the wall, but the ST-ADT255A-DVR is much more!

 CU480-DVR Motion Detection Radio DVR Cam DVR Camera Camera Covert Video Self Contained
Hidden Fully-functional Cubic Radio Cam
$549.99   SPECIAL $449.99

Self contained hidden camera alarm clock radio, built in motion activated DVR, 540 TVL 0.001lux low light color camera, removable SD Card stores up to 32gb of video, for days of recording.

 PIR Motion Sensor DVR  contained camera
PIR Motion Sensor DVR
$299.99   SALE $269.99

The ST-PI5000 is a surveillance system that is discreet and easy to use. It is a do-it-yourself camera , wire free, covert DVR system with a built-in color camera for use in your home or business. It is disguised as a motion sensor but records MPEG-4 video directly to the included 1GB SD card (memory can be upgraded). Motion sensors are very common to find in homes and businesses, so no one will know they are being recorded. You can watch over your business, family, or valuables after-hours or if you are not at home. Because of the ST-M5000's conventional appearance it can be used to supervise your home or business completely undetected.

 ST ES6007 Professional GPS/Wireless Camera & Microphone Detector  Bug Detector Detection Devices
NEW   ST-ES6007
Professional GPS/Wireless Camera & Microphone Detector
$349.99   SALE $249.99

When you are looking for dependability and great mapping use SkyTRX Mini Tracker. It is a small, pocket sized GPS tracking device that receives signals from the twenty-four Department of Defense satellites orbiting the earth. The new advanced internal computer accurately determines the location of the device within 2.5 meters and records this data every second. With this data and the included SkyTRX Tracking software, users can accurately determine where a person traveled, how fast they drove, where they stopped and for how long.

 ST DD801 Multi-functional All Purpose All-in-One Sweep Unit
Multi-functional All Purpose All-in-One Sweep Unit
$650.00   SALE $499.99

The ST-DD801 is quite possibly the only portable sweep unit you will ever need to own! With its diverse array of functions users from novice to professional will be able to perform the most complete sweep for bugs and cameras with this multi functional unit. Now with increased radio frequency range, so you can detect frequencies from 10MHz to 8GHz.

 ST 0162 RF Bug Detector
RF Bug Detector
$129.99   SALE $99.99

State-Of-The-Art Mini Bug Detector. The quality and functions of this unmatched Bug/Phone tap, and wireless hidden camera detector is amazing. It is slim, micro, flat, fine looking, and smooth, portable and straight to the job. It detects, verifies and gives accurate bug sounds without any false alarm or reading. It differentiates the sounds of wireless microphones from that of wireless cameras, cordless phones, the real phone-tap and bugs.

 ST SS5164  B/W Hi Res Radio Clock Complete Darkness Cam
B/W Hi Res Radio Clock Complete Darkness Cam

Invisible Micro IR Illumination Technology - Record an Entire room in Total Darkness! VERY SMALL low profile AM/FM clock radio with weather band alert. Only 6 inches wide, 2.4 inches high and 4.2 inches deep This tiny radio appears "at home" in a multitude of locations. It can be used as a desk clock, shelf clock, clock radio, office clock, weather alert radio, or even travel radio. So small, nobody would ever suspect a full function motion activated DVR inside recording 80 hours of full 30fps hi-res (600 lor) black & white video. "Total Covert" operation including "invisible trap door" with special key to open. All radio functions work normally.

 ST SS5546IR Day/Night totally covert iPod ihome dock
Day/Night totally covert iPod ihome dock
$799.99   SALE $699.99

Introducing the ALL NEW SecureShot DUALLY - Because Two cameras are better than One! The DUALLY automatically and instantly switches from a Sony Super HAD Hi-Res color camera to a Sony Ex-View super low light B&W Camera (.0001 Lux) when light levels drop below .5 Lux. The astonishing results- great color video by day, and great low light video at night! Packaged in the ALL NEW SecureShot Total Covert line of Digital Video Recorders. No more "Tell Tale" SD Cards glaring out the back, or suspicious looking out of place jacks. No lights, extra holes or ANYTHING. Out Total Covert line looks exactly as it does when it comes out of the factory box!

 ST SC1072 SleuthGear Recluse
SleuthGear Recluse
$999.99   SPECIAL $449.99

It looks like a black box but is it? The SleuthGear Recluse™ is an all-inclusive recording device in a simple small black box. The enclosed DVR and camera become invisible as the plain black case blends into any background. Inside this ordinary looking black box is actually a motion activated camera, with a recording system using a SD card for Memory, The SleuthGear Recluse™ can go anywhere and record everything without attracting any attention. Just Set the box in your desired location and begin recording. The Recluse has a built-in CMOS color camera that has a low lux rating with a 75° view and a rechargeable Li-polymer battery that will power the device for approx 6 hours of continuous recording. With its easy to operate on screen menu and functional LED indicators, operating the Recluse is a breeze.

 SP0071 Hidden spy pen DVR cameraDVR player recorders Personal DVR
Hidden spy pen DVR camera
$129.99   SPECIAL $99.99

4GB (2, 16,32 GB Optional) Spy pen, DVR Camera, Video Camcorder Recorder, 640x480, Spy Camcorder, AVI 352X288, ¼ CMOS. 0.3 million Pixel Array.

 ST MVR5230 Shephard Covert Digital Clock DVR Camera
ST-MVR5230 Shephard Covert Digital Clock DVR Camera
Mini covert AVI-VGA 0.3LUX RADIO DVR Camera
$149.99   SALE $99.99

"The Shepherd" is a functioning talking alarm radio monitoring gadget. It is a high resolution multifunction clock DVR camera. Capture illicit actions in your office, and home without giving yourself away. It is self contained motion activated, AVI format, VGA (640X480) resolution@30fps, 72 degrees angle 0.3 lux, Built-in Micro SD slot that can intake up to 16GB worth of storage recording approximately 28-32 hours. You can get as many hours as possible on motion depending on how often it detects movement. The clock actually tells time. That is the reason why 'The Shepherd" is a leader in modern day surveillance technology.

 USB216 126 hours USB Flash Drive Voice Recorder  Voice Recorders Digital
126hrs USB Flash Drive Voice Recorder
$99.99 SPECIAL $69.99

This tiny USB flash drive is also a voice recorder. This may very well be the smallest and most easy to use voice recorder you will ever use! Simple functions switch to turn it on or off. No software to install. No cables or batteries to worry about! Small, portable and easy to use at a great price. This tiny device can be used to capture voice for meetings, seminars, personal protection and it’s a flash drive.

 ST ITRAIL Itrail GPS Tracking Logger passive Trackers
Itrail GPS Tracking Logger
$249.99   SPECIAL $199.99

Introducing the SleuthGear iTrail. A passive GPS logger, simply place the small iTrail unit wherever you like - your car, child's backpack, virtually anywhere! At only 1.5"x1.5" small, the logger records location, speed, time, and displays this information on an easy-to-use interface powered by Google Maps and Google Earth.

 World Tracker Enduro GPS
NEW World Tracker Enduro
$299.99   SALE $249.99

WorldTracker Enduro is a compact, durable and highly sensitive GPS tracking system which provides fast and reliable GPS tracking in the most extreme weather conditions. Only 66 millimeters long, the lightweight and waterproof A-GPS locator features real-time tracking capabilities through the Internet. WorldTracker Enduro is GPRS/GSM compatible and comes equipped with alarms for emergency status, geo-fencing and remote control.

 GPRSEX GPRS Extreme World Tracker Pro real time Trackers
GPRS Extreme World Tracker
$469.99   SPECIAL $399.99

New WorldTracker GPRS, the first tracking device with real-time updates every 15 seconds. Direct GPRS data connection gives you the most accurate and reliable tracking data ever! The entire functioning unit is as small as a set of car keys. Tiny, accurate, discreet, and reliable. The next generation of GPS tracking is here.

 ST-MQ71 Slim Pen Voice Recorders Digital Products
Slim Pen Recorder
$179.99   SALE $149.99 5/6-5/29

This slim easy to use pen voice recorder is packed full of features, long record time, easy to use, USB download and a rechargeable battery. When looking for a slim voice recorder to help store all kinds of important files, such as lectures or meetings, the pen works too!

 ST-P9900 Phone File Pro Smart SIM Card Recovery
Phone File Pro Smart SIM Card Recovery
$239.99   SPECIAL $199.99

What makes the PhoneFile pro different from other products on the market today? Phone File Pro is a smart card reader, not a Sim Card reader what that means is that it will read any Sim card. A Sim card reader will need constant updates to make it compatible with the latest Sim cards, but not the PhoneFile Pro! It can read all Sim Cards, recover data and text messages from cellular phones using our powerful software.

 20 Piece Lock-Pick Set Metal Handle Lock Picking Tools
20 Piece Lock-Pick Set With Metal Handle
$44.95   Special Offer $39.99

SLIGHTLY BLEMISHED AND BARGAIN PRICED. Our most popular set, the ST MPXS-20 contains fourteen assorted picks (six with stainless steel handles), a broken key extractor, and five tension tools, all packaged in a luggage quality zippered case.

 Five Piece Lock Pick Set Lock Picking Tools
5 Piece Lock Pick Set
$29.99   Sale $13.50

 ST-AF-S Air Fighter Car Opening Lockpicking Tool
Air Fighter Car Opening Lockpicking Tool

The Air Fighter is the ideal car open tool for police, firemen, other emergency personnel, as well as repo people, wrecker drivers, auto repair shops and car dealers. When the unit is positioned between car door and the door frame and inflated, the door is pulled away for the frame allowing an opening tool to be inserted and the door opened.

 EBE BLASTER PRO CPU Monitoring Products
eBlaster Pro Remote Monitoring
$299.99   SALE $119.99

Also available for MAC - See EVERYTHING your Children or Employees Do on the Computer from ANYWHERE in the World Eblaster has remote monitoring to where all computer activities are sent to your email. You will never ever have to touch the computer again, only when you first install the software. The software is installed in "stealth mode". Your user will not be able to detect or see that it is on the computer.

 DVR901 Lawmate HD Cell Phone Camera DVR player recorders Personal DVR  DVR901 Lawmate HD Cell Phone Camera DVR player recorders Personal DVR
Lawmate HD Cell Phone Camera DVR
$599.99   SPECIAL $574.99

The ST-DVR901 is the new version of the ST-DVR900, which now includes High-Definition recording! With this DVR camouflaged to look like a cell phone, the covert applications are endless! This law enforcement grade DVR features motion-activated recording, and time/date stamping. The high-resolution low-light CCD camera is built into the top of the cell phone.

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